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Breast Lift

It involves different kinds of surgical procedures which are designed to alter tone, shape and overall appearances of the breast. With the age cycle or by weight gain /loss or due to pregnancy & other events in a women life the structure which supports breasts gets loose or stretched. This leads to change in shape of breast and loss of elasticity (called ptosis).

Surgeries which are performed on the breasts aims at reshaping, alteration of breast size, removal of extra skin/tissue to give more toned and fit appearance to the overall body structure.

The nature of patients need and condition of her breast tissue elasticity/skin determines which procedure needs to be followed.


It is a grading method to determine how far the nipples hang down in relation to inframammary crease (It is a Crease where the breast meets the chest wall under the breast and normally referred as folds).

Ptosis is calculated with the help of a ruler, which is placed under the inframammary crease and the distance between the center of nipple and top of the ruler is measured. When the nipples are above or just touches the top of the ruler it is called grade 1 Ptosis, when nipples hang 1-3 cms below the ruler it is called grade 2 Ptosis, and when nipples hang below 3 cm then it is called grade 3 Ptosis.

Ptosis is a sign how much elasticity your breast have loosen.


Depending on the kind of surgery being performed, Patient is given local/general anesthesia. Time taken to carry out this surgery is between 1-4 hours in normal condition.

Methods Used For Surgery

1) Crescent Method: In this method, a crescent piece of tissue above the areola is removed generally from 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock and then suturing is carried out which lifts nipples upward.

2) Benelli Lift: In this method, a donut shaped piece of tissues are removed from a region surrounding areola and then the defect is sutured with stitches called purse string suture.

3) Benelli Lollipop: This method uses the same technique as Benelli Lift but also includes an incision from areola to inframammary crease which allows for removal of more skin and breast tissues.

4) Full Mastopexy: The most general technique used when a high degree of Ptosis is seen in patient's body. In this, an anchor shaped incision is made around the nipples which continue down to the inframammary crease. By this technique, nipples can be lifted as much as by 8 cm.

Each patient has her own goals and desires and same should need to be discussed with the surgeon or aesthetic consultant during the pre-surgery counseling.

Recovery Period

A general recovery period is about a week but may vary with kind of surgery opted by the patient. A brassier like dressing which will be provided post surgery needs to be worn. After a few days after the surgical procedure, patients can resume their normal activities including sexual intercourses as well.


The general risk involved is infection, asymmetry, nipple soreness etc. Same can be dealt easily with proper care and can be avoided if surgery is carried out at the good aesthetic centre by an experienced and qualified doctor or surgeon.

With modern technologies, available breast lift surgery can easily be carried out in the developed nations like USA / EUROPE where 1 female out of 3 generally carry out this surgery to attain the size of breasts she wants to. It's a safe procedure. By carrying out such surgery, the patient can increase her self-confidence and it can enhance her feminine beauty. Such surgeries need to be carried out at good hospitals and at Cost-Effective sub-standard medical centres to achieve for best Results.