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Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia

What is male breast reduction/gynecomastia?

A deposition of excessive glandular tissues/ fat in male chest region which gives it a sharp outward protrusion and a feminine look is called as male breast, and a surgery to remove this excess fat is called as Gynecomastia or Male breast reduction.

What are the causes of Gynecomastia

1) Obesity

a. Excessive fat in chest region

b. Excessive glandular tissue

2) Chest tumour

3) Genetic disorder

4) Steroid abuse

5) Liver disease

6) Side effects of certain medications.

Surgery Procedure

Before carrying out surgery patients are advised to try out weight loss, change in diet, change in lifestyle etc. These measures are suggested to ensure that patient has taken all possible actions to reduce gynecomastia by its own.Heavy smoker, alcoholics and drug addicts are not very eligible patients for this surgery and are not good candidates because they may take more time to recover than usual.

A surgeon/aesthetic consultant will carry out a diagnosis prior the surgery which includes the previous medical history of the patient. Further diagnosis will be made to check that what is the cause of gynecomastia? Which kind of surgery will be carried out?

A mammogram/Breast x-ray will be taken to check for-

1) Breast cancer possibilities

2) Amount of glandular tissues.

3) Deposition of fat

Depending on the mammogram results surgeon will carry out the following surgeries

1) Excision of glandular tissue: In this procedure, an incision is made at the end of the areola or under arms (places which are unlikely visible), through this incision excessive glandular tissues are removed. After this, these tissues are removed and surgeon carries outs a small liposuction of the area that means removal of extra fat/skin to give a better and firm look to the chest. If the surgeon feels that there is a need of major reduction of glandular tissues /fat then they might require a larger incision and same will be advised to the patient in pre-surgery counseling.

2) Liposuction: Sometimes there is only excessive fat that is deposited around the areola region and glandular tissues are normal then surgeon will only make a small incision and carry out the liposuction only to remove extra fat/skin.

NOTE: Smoker/Alcoholics are advised to stop smoking/drinking 2 weeks prior to surgery to minimize the complications following or after the procedure.

An overnight hospitalization is advised to patients for better post-surgery Recovery/Monitoring.


1) Infection

2) Skin injury / excessive bleeding.

3) Reaction to anesthesia.

4) Visible incision marks

5) Slightly asymmetrical nipples/breast.

6) Nipple soreness.

All these risks are minimized by opting for good hygienic Hospital and get it done by an experienced surgeon. Hence patients are advised to avoid sub-standard clinics and consult a Good Aesthetic Counsellor/ Surgeon prior the surgery.