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Fat Loss

To maintain ideal weight it is recommended that a person should consume the same number of calories as much as is the energy expenditure. To gain weight or the muscle mass the energy intake has to be greater than the energy expenditure. But if the calorie intake is more than the expenditure and the physical activity is minimal then the gaining weight will be considered as unhealthy body fat. Fat loss is the major problem with the most individuals these days. A person has to burn out more calories through physical activities in comparison to the calories consumed. Losing body weight can lead to the healthy you. Any increase in body weight lost actually leads to loss of muscles mass as well. There are many popular diets available which claim that they can make a person able to lose their body weight. Most of them fall under the following categories:-

1. Energy restricted/ low calories diets

2. High protein diets

3. Low calorie high-fat diets,

4. Combination diets etc.